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So, we're after our first gaming event. Tired but happy we bring you our report from Pixel Heaven 2014! No, not 'just' happy... very happy, because it was a storm of positive opinions about CATDAMMIT! Gamers, editors and kids almost smashed our Xbox 360 controller trying to beat Artur's (totally made up) high score.

CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 relacja 01

CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 relacja 03

Day one. Enter the building.

The first day, when people finally started flooding 'Indie Basement' there was constantly a group of visitors waiting in line, watching someone play CATDAMMIT!. Even the extremely awful location of our 'basement' didn't prevent geeks from finding us and having a chance to say 'hi'. Our flyers were vanishing (like Ethan), so we had to keep them coming (we had 'a few' of them printed), backlog of batteries assured us that our controllers will endure and a few smuggled drinks and some food (the event was held at the club after all) kept us alive and kicking.

CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 t-shirts and flyers

CATDAMMIT! PixelHeaven 2014 relacja

We came prepared. Our booth was filled with flyers, surrounded by two 80x200cm roll-ups (one with our hottie - Kitty De Luna), we took a '32 LCD TV and a toy chainsaw (we tricked a few souls into thinking it's a controller used in the game). Unfortunately we lost the toy chainsaw... WE LOST THE TOY CHAINSAW!

And yea. People's reactions were great. Some players didn't even notice the queue behind them, and played roughly 30 minutes of CATDAMMIT! in a row, not letting anyone else to take the controller. The most awesome thing we've heared? "I don't like these kind of games. I don't play them. But I can't stop playing this, congratulations".

CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 Artur 120 heartbeats

CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 Artur 120 heartbeats

Day two. Enter the scene.

On the second day we took part in the '120 Heartbeats' Show, where we were supposed to tell about our game, and convince visitors to vote for us (the voting process got fucked up along the way, or maybe it never worked, so finally the Grand Prix Award missed the 'people's choice'...) Artur, who was the speaker, chose to engage the topic differently, by showing our competitors from the playful angle. And that's how 'SUPERHOT' got filled with hot babes, 'Darkwood' became a rhythmic game starring John Legend, where player tries to hit the notes, while controlling the blood pressure in his infamous erection, and 'Duma Szlachecka' received an fps remake, called 'DOOM Szlachecki'. We had some laughs along with the crowd.

CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 nominations

As for the awards, we were nominated in three out of four categories (Best Gameplay, Best Sound and Best Art) and of course we were nominated for the Grand Prix (the best indie game of the show) along with other 15 finalists. We finished the race in the second place, losing Grand Prix to SUPERHOT. But after all we feel like winners (or wieners, perhaps)! SUPERHOT also won the award for the "Best Gameplay", Darkwood won the "Best Sound" award and CAVE! CAVE! took "Best Art", and "Best Story" awards :)

CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 results

CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 family photo

Final words. Enter the drug on.

Attetnding Pixel Heaven 2014 not only was a great opportunity to showcase CATDAMMIT! for the first time to the public, but also to meet awesome new people. High five to all fellow indies there, especially to Gustaw and Jakub (and their lovely hostesses!) from Acid Wizard Studio, the creators of "Darkwood" and to the inspiring team of "Duma Szlachecka"! It was also great to meet such indie superstars as Sos Sosowski and Luke Spierewka in person and to be able to chat a bit.

Above, you can watch the only, but funny interview we had the chance to give at Pixel Heaven, provided by cool guys from Gamezilla. Unfortunately for those who doesn't speak Polish - the whole thing is in our native language, without an option to turn subtitles on, so... you know... sorry :)

Big up to the event's promoters (Dominik, Robert) and thanks to everyone, who visited our booth and played CATDAMMIT! Also, very special thanks to Maniek, who helped us a lot during these two exciting, but also frustrating days. You're the man!


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