Hello there! See these hot, pixelated guys above? That's us. We call ourselves Fir&Flams. Casting couch awarded Artur Hilger with the role of a creative stunt artist and Marcin BarciƄski as a professional double for a coder. Guess who's who in the picture! The introduction will be brief - we live in Poland and we are making our first game. This blog will be the secret diary of "things we do to get it done".

The plan is to set some basic waypoints for those of you who also wish to become game developers and make some awesome games. Yeah! Let's hold our hands and step together into this dangerous world of drugs, unprotected sex and high life! Learn from our mistakes just as we learn from mistakes of other indie devs whose blogs and private lives we are constantly stalking.

Sincerely Yours,
Artur & Marcin


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