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Ok, so now that you know we're making a casual call, whe probably should give you a little hint about what this pretty little gem of ours is gonna be like. There's been a plenty of games stroming the App Store like crazy. Bunch of them made millions of $ in no time for people who were smart enough to fit the right, casual bullshit in the right time. And we want our Bentleys bad so here it goes...

There are a few basic rules one needs to follow. When we first sat down to talk about 'HAMMER04' we knew about them. Well designed casual games are easy to hop into at any time but very rewarding when mastered. NES era classics were never easy nor shallow like american movie remakes. But still these vintage games were pure FUN!

hammer04 concept art progress animation

But times have changed. Games are shorter, simpler and widely promoted in mass media. And that's what we're aiming for here (well, maybe except for the last one, which requires additional funding). You're gonna love 'HAMMER04' even if you suffer from sausage fingers, diarrhea or short attention span. There's no need a convincing story with plot twists but addictive gameplay with the simplest of concepts hitting you in the smiling face. That's what it's gonna be like.

That's how much we can tell you about the concept for now. But how about the game's looks? Artur drew some first mood boards and concept arts defining the art direction of the game. Check one of them above! 'HAMMER04' is gonna feature hand drawn 2D graphics and animations. That's the art style we want in games.

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