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A long time ago in a galaxy shaped by LucasArts and Sierra, two guys bored with their everyday’s work scheme teamed up with an idea for a game. Game that would satisfy hardcore gamers with dark, original storytelling and vintage adventurers with that intimate puzzle-solving excitiement. And all that was to be delivered in an era of smartphones and tablets with their dumb, casual games. By all means necessary these guys wanted to revive times when games were forged with love and passion and played with flushed faces. These guys are Artur Hilger and Marcin BarciƄski and that’s how Fir&Flams was born and 'Laladie’s' story began.  

We started with some gameplay prototyping, painting concept art, building 3D models and animating some drafts. After sharing  with the internet folk, 'Laladie' received great response! Unfortunately, we realised that what we can achieve at this moment in terms of reach is not enough. With no experience in releasing a game before we had to sit down and give it more thought. Conclusion was that if 'Laladie' is to be such an ambitious project - we cannot rush it. It needs more background check! Obviously we were lacking contacts in the industry and needed to get to more people out there who might fall in love with our game!

So what’s going to happen now with Lala’s bedtime horror stories?

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We have poured a lot of love into ‘Laladie’ already so it’s understandable that we‘re concerned she might not receive the attention she deserves. We sniffed around the web and got a lead. It occurs that we need a solid fanbase and without support from game journalists our mission is a "no go". We need people to know us and to hear about our game. Despite the famous saying that ‘a good product will sell itself’ - it won’t. That’s an important thing we’ve learned working for best advertisement agencies in Poland.

What now? The wise (but also tough) thing to do was to start working on a smaller, easier and quicker to develop ‘casual’ game before taking any huge steps with 'Laladie'. Maybe later I'll write a post about how quick and easy "easy and quick development process" actually is... Codename 'HAMMER04' is going to kickstart us into the gaming world. If all goes well it will be released this year and should open some closed doors for us. After 'HAMMER04' Lala is getting our (and we hope yours as well) full attention.

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"Anyone know what happened with ? There was quite a bit of buzz earlier this year... now nothing."   
Sean Day (@Twitter)       

‘Laladie’ never got cancelled - it’s just going to be released little later in time (on mobile phones and tablets running on iOS & Android systems). Promising a hardcore psychological thriller adventure game with great script and beautiful visuals is a lot but we certainly can deliver. Take a look at the concept art to get some idea of what to expect. Surely this is gonna be a hell of an exciting story. With an unforgettable ‘happy ending’ after all! Ok, let's get back to work.

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