We've been working hard on the HAMMER04 game, but in the meantime we cooked this cartoon trailer for your viewing pleasure! In this video you will meet some of HAMMER04's crazy characters: from Alien Mlitia, TransWolves and filthy Slugs, through to insane cable tv DeathDealers. HAMMER04 premieres in early 2013! Thanks for watching!

HAMMER04 cartoon trailer screens

video produced by: Fir&Flams / animation by: Artur Hilger / music by: Dave Dexter

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HAMMER04 Dark Worlds

We were thinking about making a move towards the adult gamers. You see, 'HAMMER04' is not all about cute, cartoon characters. Here are three art pieces from the "Dark Worlds" series of paintings Artur did, inspired by H04. It's the noir look at the game's three basic levels you will be playing when the game comes out. It's mostly Artur's freelance fun time but it also sheds some light on H04's details kept secret 'til now. Hop in when you're ready to see them all in full detail. [read more]



hammer 04 world 1:1 characters

In HAMMER04 you will replay the key events in space and time when the impact on the shape of the world was made using an ancient hammer, older than time, filled with dark powers - „HAMMER04”. It all actually goes down to destroying different stuff across worlds, galaxies and dimensions... Many of your victims will disguise as innocent, cute chibis but be aware! No one here is innocent. Take a look at some of the funky creatures you will face in World 1:1. If You like their looks, you should definetely read their stories. All right, shall we? [read more]