CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat Poster

Here's the official poster for CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat! We hope You like the grim - inspired by some retro classics - look of it! The DC update will consist more dark themes so - trust us - the atmosphere is well rendered.
By the way, if You're interested in participating in beta tests, let us know by e-mailing us via: office@firflams.com

P.S. If there was an option to order the printed version of it, let us know, in the comments section, if You guys would actually be interested in buying it.




CATDAMMIT! It's Raining, Man!

We are still working on some improvements for CATDAMMIT! (with the upcoming "Director's Cat" update) So here's a picture showing a few new things at once. I had the idea to randomly turn show particular things on the map, so each time you play - the experience will be quite different. We sure hope it works out for the players!

One screenshot and so many new things! Can you spot them? It's raining men... um dogs... cats... CATDAMMIT! Here's what we are working on at the moment.



CATDAMMIT! cathouse (gif)

CATDAMMIT! sewers (gif)

CATDAMMIT! store (gif)

CATDAMMIT! rat king (gif)

Hello everybody! As y'all can see today's treat is "eyeblowing gif armageddon" that's as bad for your brain as it is for our PR. Because, yeah - who would ever want to play a game where you chase little cute cat prostitutes, demolish a convenient store in the middle of the day and get down and ugly with rat King's sewer hole...

So we hope you all like they idea of some new mechanics in CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat. You are going to be pulling some levers, collecting keys and dodging Rat King's hit-farts of fire. Stay classy.